Biking group walks on the lake Plastira

Rapel is a descent on steep slopes with the appropriate equipment for climbers. If you have a fear of heights, forget about rapel. If you have no fear of heights, you should listen carefully to the instructor and do as he says. The most suitable place to rapel during a holiday in Greece is Meteor. The route is laid on the old trail including a visit to the monks of the monastery Barlaam and the Great Meteor.

Every Saturday and Sunday you can visit the biking group walks on the lake Plastira, in Meteora and Kisavo. Traveling on mountain bike held in the Delta Nestos, in Evin, Stavroupoli and Pomakohorya. So turn on all 21 speed and go sturming mountain heights!Children and adults who are on holiday in Greece will be able to attend the walk on railway bikes on railway tracks soon. Adventure will be combined with a guided tour and exploring the beauties of nature.